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All the Fires
01:36:00 min | Drama, LGBTQ | | Anno 2024
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Bruno, a misunderstood teenager, has developed an obsession for burning objects, recording them and uploading the videos to the internet as a way of dealing with his father?s death. When his lonely mother starts dating another man, Bruno escapes from home and goes to another town to live with Daniela, a young pyromaniac that he met online, and with whom has an epistolary relationship. The painful separation with his mother and his best friend Ian makes him question his sexuality and his capacity to overcome the loss of his father.


Anno di produzione: 2024
Regista: Mauricio Calderon Rico
Paese di produzione: Mexico
Lingua: Spanish
Produzione: Daniel Loustaunau, Araceli Vel zquez
Distribuzione: ANTIPODE Sales International Sales Agent Israel All Rights
Sottotitoli: No

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