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Le Caf‚ de mes Souvenirs (The Cafe of my memories)
01:45:00 min | Musical, drama, romantic | | Anno 2024
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The love story of Emilie and Philippe takes place in Helsinki where Emilie works in her mother?s caf‚ and Philippe, a Frenchman, teaches French at a local high school. Song and music takes the lovers to Cherbourg and Paris. After their return Philippe begins to struggle under the pressure of multiple jobs. Will the fragile relationship of Emilie and Philippe last surrounded by the toughness of urban life?


Anno di produzione: 2024
Regista: Valto Baltzar
Paese di produzione: Finland
Produzione: Valto Baltzar, Kimmo Koskela
Distribuzione: Kartano Audio Distributor Worldwide All Rights
Sottotitoli: No

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Developed by F. Borriello & R. Sicuriello