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01:41:28 min | - | | Anno 2024
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Suburb of Naples, year 2022, Desir‚ is a 16-year-old Senegalese girl who lives from day to day. She has no friends, no interests, no great passions - her world appears as empty as the gaze of her mother, a drug addict who cannot stand on her feet. The only thing she values is her affection for Emanuele, a young boy a few years older who is looking for a quick rise in the local underworld. One night, Emanuele convinces her to act as a courier for the local underworld: the two guys are given a backpack that they must deliver to a specific place in the city. Desir‚ finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time: she is arrested by the police and sent to the juvenile penitentiary on the island of Nisida, which borders Naples. During her long detention that lasts 18 months, Desir‚ begins a slow path of identity growth, she begins to feel attracted by theatre, in prison she finds the tools to express herself that paradoxically in freedom she did not have, her dormant pleasure for singing is something more, it is a value, it is awareness. Parallel to her inner journey, external events take an unexpected turn: members of the underworld are looking for the backpack that has not been found since that night...


Anno di produzione: 2024
Regista: Mario Vezza
Lingua: Italian
Produzione: Armando Ciotola, Antonio Acampora
Distribuzione: rai com Sales Agent Worldwide
Sottotitoli: No

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Developed by F. Borriello & R. Sicuriello