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02:00:00 min | drama, thriler, erotic thriller | | Anno 2024
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While traveling for business, Miro (40) spends the night with a sex worker for the first time in his life after someone sends her to his hotel room. After they?ve had sex, he finds the girl dead in the bathroom. A successful, happily married man and a father of two, Miro covers up the unfortunate accident with the help of two hotel employees. However, they soon start asking him to return the favor. At first, it?s small things but soon their demands get out of hand. The two accomplices in his ?crime? suddenly play a major role in his life that will never be the same.


Anno di produzione: 2024
Regista: Lukas Nola
Paese di produzione: Croatia
Lingua: Croatian
Produzione: Hrvoje Pervan, Dragan Juric, Ankica Juric Tilic
Sottotitoli: No

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Developed by F. Borriello & R. Sicuriello