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Un Mondo in Più
01:40:00 min | Drama, Coming of Age | | Anno 2023
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Spring 2020. Diego just turned eighteen. It is named in honor of Diego Armando Maradona, the idol of his father Franco, a big fan of Napoli club soccer. But Diego doesn't love football and doesn't live in Naples. Not anymore. After losing his mother, the boy moved with Franco about two years ago to a difficult neighborhood in the Roman suburbs, where he seems to have come into more harmony with the African refugees who occupy the building opposite his than with his new classmates. school. His days are spent solitary and introverted, until Franco, for reasons of force majeure, is forced to host the young Tea in their house, a rebellious and indocile girl, revolutionary and nonconformist, keeper of an important secret. The forced coexistence that Diego will have with Tea will be his training course for life, the discovery that with new eyes one can build another world to live in, the awareness that the line between good and evil, right and wrong, non-EU and Italian, winner and loser, can be very subtle at times.


Anno di produzione: 2023
Regista: Luigi Pane
Paese di produzione: Italia
Lingua: Italian
Produzione: Simona Ferri, Marco Tempera
Sottotitoli: No

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