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01:31:00 min | - | | Anno 2023
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Artem is 17. His family life is conplicated - his brothers dispise each other, mother works all the time and spends almost no time with her children. However, he has a best friend - Kostya. They are both outcasts in the college. That's their way of rebelling against the system that only supports leaders, paying no attention to loosers. After an explosion in one of Russian schools, the collage's heads create an unofficial "list of bombers" - the hooligans who need to be under control. The first two places of the list belong to Artem and Kostya. By Complicated accident Artem is number 2, while Kostya is number 1 on the list. As it turns out the 1st position makes you famous among peers. Kostya revels in his popularity and betrays his friend by convincing his classmates that he is the key and only mastermind of all pranks. Now Artem thinks that the only way to be finally heard is to construct a bomb and blow up a silly memorial near the college. Because if he becomes the number one bomber of the college, people will at last notice him.


Anno di produzione: 2023
Regista: Irina Obidova
Paese di produzione: Russian Federation
Lingua: Russian
Produzione: Alexey Likhnitsky, Igor Mishin, Alexandra Alyokhina
Sottotitoli: No

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